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Privacy Policy

About the event
The 14th International Sánodr Ferenczi Conference is an event promoted by the International Sándor Ferenczi Network and the Brazilian Sándor Ferenczi Research Group, which will take place from May 29 to June 1, 2024 in person. To access the content, you must register on the event website at:

2.1 By completing their registration, the participant declares and confirms to be in full agreement with all the terms of this policy and agrees to comply with the conditions set forth herein, being aware that failure to comply with any rule described herein will result in the immediate cancellation of participation in the event, as well as the application of possible applicable penalties.
2.2 It is essential to fill in the correct, adequate and complete data requested at the time of registration, and any false and/or inaccurate information may be subject to verification and blocking of your registration and/or participation in the event.
2.3 Audio and/or video recordings and transmissions of the content of this event, by any means, will not be allowed at any time during or after the event.

2.3.1 Irrespective of any penalty imposed as a result of a violation of the prohibition set out in item 2. 3, the participant acknowledges that, in case of violation of the aforementioned item, and of the copyright inherent to the event materials, the organizers and the holder of these copyrights have the prerogative to prevent the practice of audio and/or video recordings or transmissions of the event content, which, depending on the particularity of the case, may result in the civil and/or criminal liability of the offender, under the terms of Law 9.160/1998, as well as articles 186 and 927 of the Civil Code and article 184 of the Penal Code. Any transmission needs outside the environments approved by the companies promoting and organizing the event must be validated and formally authorized with them, in advance. The authorization must be in writing.
2.4 The participant expressly authorizes the use of his/her personal data by the event organizers. The sharing of data between the organizers will take place according to legal requirements.
2.4 The participant expressly authorizes the use and processing of his/her personal data by the organizers of the event, for the purposes provided for in this document (Law No. 13,709/2018, art. 7, I).

2.5 The sharing of data between the organizers of the event will take place according to legal requirements, being their sole responsibility the use of the data within the limits defined in these regulations and any contract to be concluded. The organizers are exempt from any liability in the event of violation of current legislation by the sponsor and its collaborators.
2.6 The participant hereby authorizes the organizers to use his/her image, his/her name, the sound of his/her voice, as well as any representations of the participant's personality and other personal characteristics, for the exhibition and re-exhibition, without any limits of numbers of times, in the national and international territory at any time, extracted within the scope of his/her participation in the event.
3.1. The lectures and other presentations may change according to the compatibility of the speakers' schedules or any other reason that may be necessary, without prior notice.

3.2 The organizers have no interference or responsibility for the content presented by their speakers, presenters and sponsors, including comments from other participants, and disclaim any liability in the event of complaints from third parties due to the content of the activities being considered offensive by anyone. They are also not responsible for any investment decisions that may be made based on the information disclosed and disclaim any liability for any direct or indirect losses that may arise from the use of this material or its content.
4.1. The privacy of your information is of great importance to us, and it is our policy to respect the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
4.2. This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of any personal information collected before, during and after the event. When choosing to register for the event, the following data must be provided: name, education, address, e-mail address, telephone number and professional affiliation (association, society, institute, organization, etc.).

4.3. The data you provide will not be shared with a third party, except: for compliance with the necessary measure within the terms of applicable laws, rules or regulations; where there is an obligation to disclose if our legitimate business interests require disclosure; at your request, with your consent;  to fulfill the objectives and purposes described in this Privacy Policy; to event sponsors, pursuant to this Privacy Policy.
4.4 If applicable, third parties to whom personal information is shared in order to perform the contracted services, must perform data processing ensuring compliance with legal obligations. In addition, we require that organizations handling or obtaining such personal data recognize the criticality of this information, undertake to respect all individual privacy rights and comply with all relevant data protection laws.
4.5 We implement physical, administrative and technical threat protection measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure.

4.6. Your personal information will be kept for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information is processed or for other valid reasons for retaining your personal information, such as compliance with legal obligations.
4.6.1 If you wish us to no longer use your personal data, please contact us at
4.7. Your personal information may be disclosed if required by rules, regulations and if we believe that such disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and comply with other procedures, court orders, reported legal proceedings or to comply with government bodies or other regulatory bodies. We are not responsible for the misuse or loss of personal data to which we do not have access or control. We also disclaim liability for unlawful and unauthorized use of such information as a result of misuse or misappropriation of your access credentials, negligent or malicious conduct as a result of acts or omissions by you or someone authorized on your behalf.
Additional information

5.1 It is forbidden to share the exclusive access link, as well as its use for promotional or institutional purposes, without the express written consent of the organizers.
5.2 The participant expressly declares that he/she has read, understood and agreed with this Privacy Policy and is fully aware of the rights and duties described herein.
5.3 The jurisdiction of the Capital of the State of São Paulo is elected for the resolution of any conflict or discussion regarding these Rules.

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