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Psychoanalysis between catastrophe and creation:
Emerging Perspectives

May 29 - June 1, 2024
São Paulo

Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
R. Itambé, 135 - Higienópolis - SP, 01239-001

A Conferência

The previously reserved places for Brazilian registrants are now sold out. If you are registering from Brazil, you can join our waiting list for the chance of registering in the future.

The conference

Ours is a time of trauma. After centuries of destruction through slavery, war and genocide, there is rising nationalism, fear, and hatred, mixed with violence, all around the world. Existential threats—climate change, ecological disasters, and the pandemic—intensify inequality, racism, fanaticism, terrorism, and worse. Sándor Ferenczi’s contributions are exceptionally helpful in our understanding of current global challenges.


Throughout his working life, Ferenczi consistently showed deep understanding of the complex and traumatizing dynamics of power and human vulnerability. The differences between healing words and traumatizing words are envisioned in Ferenczi’s concept of the confusion of languages. His expressive and evocative constructs of care, the language of tenderness, recognizes the dignity and the humanity of the vulnerable other, and, thus, favors generating meaning for a more creative existence. His language of passion describes the toxicity of an authoritarian narrative and the traumatic denial through which words can wound and humiliate the vulnerable. A culture catastrophically harmed by toxic words must relearn or learn anew the language of tenderness, empathy, and recognition, in order to address integration, inclusion and sensitivity, the experience of moving forward, and a chance to heal.


We suggest that Ferenczi’s clinical work includes social and political dialogues about trauma and its treatment as part of the many ways of connecting with others. His notions of disavowal, fragmentation, identification with the aggressor, as well as his progressive clinical work in responding to traumatic experiences reflect contemporary egalitarian ideals and enhance our capacity to think and act with others. 


The 14th International Sándor Ferenczi Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, will bring together clinicians, scholars, researchers, students, and colleagues from other fields of knowledge for open, and collegial discussions. We ask how psychoanalysis may add to our capacity to think about the disruptive social, personal, political, environmental, and clinical situations that we are facing today. 

Ações afirmativas
Estudantes universitários

Affirmative Actions - Facilitation Program 

The 14th Sándor Ferenczi International Conference is implementing several actions to promote an event adapted to Brazilian needs and diversity. There are three axes of action, the third being an Affirmative Action Policy.

The ISFN offers a Facilitation Program for students, candidates and professionals from disadvantaged countries (Central and South America, Africa and Eastern Europe)



Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
R. Itambé, 135 - Higienópolis - SP, 01239-001

With over 70 years of history, Mackenzie Presbyterian University (UPM) is a renowned institution that ranks 71st among the best educational institutions in Latin America, according to the Times Higher Education 2021 survey. The Higienópolis Campus, situated in a traditional neighborhood in São Paulo, is easily accessible via the metro and major bus lines in the city. Additionally, participants of the international event will have a wide range of hotels and restaurants to enjoy in the area. UPM's facilities are designed to provide comfort and quality to its students and visitors. Notably, the renowned Ruy Barbosa auditorium stands out with its state-of-the-art infrastructure. This space is frequently used to host international events, as well as distinguished speakers and lecturers.


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International Scientific Committee

Carlo Bonomi (ISFN President)

Elena Adam

Antal Bókay

Franco Piero Borgogno

Eugênio Canesin Dal Molin

Marco Conci

Oscar Alfredo Elvira

Giselle Galdi

Jô Gondar

Gianni Guasto

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